Flashbulb Flashback: Livin’ the Dreamy Life / 6.19.14


[Updates: http://www.dreamyliferecords.com/, http://loliferecordings.com/, http://www.jakepaleschic.com/%5D

Fort Worth’s Southside bubbles with house shows, shout-outs and the best sort of neighborly coincidences at places such as Chadra, where I often bump into Jen and Robby Rux, the husband and wife analog missionaries spearheading a fuzzed-out DIY uprising. Sometimes, if I listen closely, I can hear reverb decaying off into infinity from their Fairmount Headquarters. Whether recording in their studio, performing in various outfits, or booking shows for local and road acts, these two are always working. So I knew we’d have plenty to cover when we sat down to eat at the delightful Lebanese spot.

Summer sees two long-term Dreamerz’ projects come to fruition. Alongside the folks over at Lo-Life Recordings, they will open Dreamy Life Records. The store, coming to life July 12th, will be across Park Place from Chadra, sharing a space with resale clothing shop Itsee. Robby Rux explained with typical ferocious optimism, “We thought it was time to give our growing music community a place in the neighborhood to get involved, catch the occasional show and, of course, check out some cream of the crop records.” The Bricklayer explained beside his wife – who he calls Red – with the high-energy of a drummer racing to cover everything, “We’ll be doing the Pop Up shop even after we open,” debuting in their future parking lot during Near Southside’s Open Streets.


In addition to the store’s opening, the sequel to last year’s Group Therapy compilation will celebrate its release in July at The Where House. Core favorites return, they were sure to include the new flavor in fine balance as well. As they spoke, recalling the sessions at the world-renown DIY space that’s equal parts Art and Rock, Robby’s talking hands thrust in my direction excitedly, “Doom Ghost’s song is a pure punk, you know what I mean, unadulterated by all the crap from the 80s and 90s.”

Jen nods adding, “What Son of Stan did musically was like nothing else he’s done. He recorded one track at a time, drums then guitar and so on. Honestly, I wasn’t sure it was going to work, Rob thought Jordan (Richardson) might’ve lost it.” The two, who have seen their share of music magic, were gobsmacked by Richardson’s combination of efficiency, proficiency, vision and soul; a potent combination that continue to make him a man to watch.


Jake Paleschic’s Psych-Country balladeers Patriot bring a new tune. Accounting for the Dallas Dreamy, the Group adds two outstanding rockers: gnarly rippers Street Arabs and classic surf punkers Ape Hangars. “I love this tune from Road Soda, he’s got this Cramps vibe,” licking his chops, he imagines future recordings from the one-man band. The highly-anticipated Bummer Vacation, I’ve been excited about these cats since first hearing their plans at Rock Assembly, and who can blame me, with members of Dallas’ Sealion and two of the Southside’s finest bands, War Party and Skeleton Coast, they’re bound for heavy listening. Transcendent duo The Cush include a track as well; shaking his head, Rux adds, “Dude, that record is so good. I can’t wait ‘til you hear that one, man.” Dinner flashed by, and as I listened through the recorded conversation, I was laughing all over again at the rapport of a friendship built around the age-old love or records.



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